is the domain under which I write my code.

e.g. my java code is written under the package org.tp23.*.


sanename.orgthere is now only one hard problem in computer science
ci.tp23.orgci graphics
download.tp23.orgbinaries download site and .deb repo
htmlbuffer.tp23.orgJS for writing HTML as a StringBuffer
jclosure.tp23.orgJS to wrap function args ina closure
linci.tp23.orgcontinuous integration, linux stylee
markbook.tp23.orgobligatory markdown to website, written in binjs
radiolocal9.tp23.orginternet radio from barcelona
xtomp.tp23.orga STOMP message broker written in non-blocking C
teknopaul.orgthis is me
teknopaul.comthis is me too

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